One of the most important decisions for ocean based energy producers is determining where the best locations are for installing their technolgies.  We at ELGEN Wave have been collecting and analyzing ocean wave data for years.  We utilize specialized computer software to cull through the data and identify the most consistenly productive locations throughout the world.  We have thus identified hundreds of excellent, yet unutilized locations in the waters along many industrialized and developing nations.


The following two world maps are graphic snap-shot representations of ocean conditions.  The first gives a representation of swell periods, and the second of swell heights.  Taken together, such data can provide insight into general wave patterns.  The third image is a chart of similar data presented numerically.  All three graphics come courtesy of StormSurf.com, one of several very good sources of ocean wave and weather data.



Swell Periods
(in seconds)



Swell Heights
(in feet)



Numeric Data