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Edited movies, edited DVDs, and edited videos.
Welcome to Purified Pictures, a business dedicated to removing objectionable content from feature films.  We remove profanity, sexual content, and graphic violence - effectively turning many R and PG-13 movies into rather tame PGs.  Think of us as an alterations shop for DVDs.  Simply send us the movies you want edited.  We'll remove the objectionable content and return the edited versions of the movies to you on new discs.

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Don't already own the movies you'd like edited?  No problem.  We have access to the hottest recent titles from all of the major studios, and can purchase them for you.  Videos purchased through us have no sales tax, no shipping charges, and qualify for a 33% discount off our standard editing fee.  (See the order form for pricing.)

Another service we provide is damaged disc replacement.  If you have a disc that won't play because it's scratched, warped, cracked, etc., send it to us.  Our specialized processing retrieves the entire movie and then edits it.  We don't charge extra for this service - just our standard editing fee.

Having your movies altered by Purified Pictures means no more offensive language or images; no more worrying about what your kids might watch when you're not around, or when they take a DVD to a friend's house.  And, as for all those movies you intentionally avoided because of their ratings and/or objectionable content, you can now own and watch them without concern.

Place an order and see just how enjoyable and worry free purified pictures are.

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